Is Pasta Good for You?

Not that long ago there was a scare that carbs were the downfall of ones’ health and contributed to obesity. But the truth is carbs are good for you in the right proportion. Americans eat an average of 20lbs of pasta annually, while Italians eat 60lbs, with virtually no obesity epidemic.

Pasta is great for you provided you don’t eat massive plates of it every night and, of course, you’re not allergic to it. So, many of the myths about the evils of wheat are just patently untrue. Pasta has been eaten for thousands of years, initially appearing in Asian diets. In the 1400s Marco Polo brought pasta home to Italy from China and later Thomas Jefferson brought it to the US from France. Pasta has been a staple for many cultures for many centuries in countries that are recognized as having healthy diets. So, is wheat/pasta bad for you? Absolutely not! Especially if you’re eating it with a healthy sauce and not just everyday with a reduced heavy cream sauce.

Our pastas are made from organic 00 wheat and semolina, as well as organic eggs. So, the nutritional value is much higher that the dried pasta you’d find on supermarket shelves as it has much more protein from the eggs. Often dried pasta you see on the shelves in supermarkets have small amount of yellow dye in them, which is a visual substitute for eggs. Don’t be fooled.  Anything that costs a dollar a pound and is imported from another country is….. well, you get what you pay for!

Another great thing about quality pasta made with eggs instead of water is if you happen to have leftovers you’ll find they still have some al dente quality to them the next day. They just don’t get mushy like flour and water pasta.

One thing to note is that while our pastas are all organic, we can’t always guarantee the fillings are. Sometimes that’s due to availability, especially in the winter, and sometimes things just aren’t available organic. (Like lobster) But we’re working with many different purveyors to get us the best products we can.

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