Curbside Take Out Menu

Call and place order/pay over the phone- we will bring it out to you! Stay safe out there and thank you for your business!

1142 New Britain Ave, West Hartford, CT 06110 
Phone 860-308-2042

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Butter Croissant $3.00/ea

Almond Croissant $4.00/ea

Chocolate Croissant $4.00/ea


$12.00/qt – $6.00/pt

Chicken Noodle


Lentil & Ham

Cream of Wild Mushroom



Garden Salad $5.50

Caesar Salad $7.50


Chicken Parmesan (over pasta) $12.95

Eggplant Parmesan $13.95

Cheese Lasagna $11.00/lb

Meatballs $10.00/lb

Sausage & Peppers (over pasta) $12.95

Stuffed Pork Chops with apples and cranberries $14.95

Grilled Salmon over Linguini w/ Roasted Garlic and Herbs $15.95


Fresh Pasta

Linguini $6.50/lb

Rigatoni $6.50/lb

Cheese Ravioli $11.00/lb

Pasta Sauce

Marinara $9.00/qt – $4.50/pt

Vodka $11.00/qt – $5.50/pt

Bolognese $13.00/qt – $6.50/pt

Arrabbiata $12.00/qt – $6.00/pt

Please call and ask us about our daily pasta special and family size meals


Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake $4.50/slice

Carrot Cake $4.50/slice

Coconut Cake $4.50/slice

Chocolate Chip Cookies $3.00/2 pack

Whole Cakes and other desserts available upon request


We sell a variety of stocks that can help you make some creative dishes at home!

Tips on cooking pasta at home from CT Organic Pasta!

With only a few exceptions, like certain ravioli, all pastas can be frozen and cooked at a later time with no change in texture or flavor. However, remember frozen pasta must be cooked from the frozen state. Do not defrost the pasta first.

When cooking fresh pasta, always cook in salted water. Using too little water can make the pasta mushy.

For plain thin pasta, as soon as it floats back to the top of the pot, it’s ready. For thicker pasta like a rigatoni, another minute in the boiling water will give you a nice al dente texture. For ravioli, 2 more minutes after it floats to the top.

If you’re cooking from a frozen state add another minute to each of the recommendation cooking times.