Our Product Lineup


• Fresh organic pasta made on premises, sold by the pound.  Extruded pasta in assorted shapes and colors. Assorted raviolis and lasagnas with different fillings; cheese, vegetables, seafood, or meats.

• Variety of dried gluten-free pastas. Not homemade.

• Variety of pasta sauces sold by the pint and quart.

• Homemade stocks such as chicken, seafood, veal, beef and vegetable.

• Prepared Pasta dishes for Grab and Go available frozen, fresh or cooked for home consumption.

Prepared Foods

• Other prepared dishes for Grab and Go such as: Eggplant Parmesan, Baked stuffed mushrooms, Chicken Parmesan, Grilled Salmon with grilled vegetables,
Vegetarian Lasagna, Stuffed grape leaves, homemade hummus, tabbouleh salad.

• Approximately 8-10 prepared cold salads sold by the pound, such as: Roasted tri-color carrots with pistachio pesto, Sliced fennel and celery salad with goat cheese and pine nuts with lemon dressing, marinated grilled tofu with diced Japanese eggplant in an Asian marinade.

• Assorted composed salads specifically for grab and go meals such as: Caesar Salad, Assorted Grain Salad with grilled vegetable, Spinach Salad, variations on Cobb Salad.

• Homemade soups sold by the quart.

• Homemade salad dressings.

• Assorted savory pastries such as ham and cheese croissants, vegetable croissants and gougeres.

Desserts and Pastries

• Assorted croissant, rugalach, biscotti, Quion Amman, and gougeres.

• Assorted individual chocolates such as:Truffles, Sarah Bernhardt’s, brownie bites, cheesecake lollipops.

• Assorted Tarts, torts, cakes, pies and puddings

• Frozen puff pastry, frozen pizza dough.

• Assorted muffins, scones and cupcakes.


• Coffee Bar serving espresso, cappuccino, coffee and tea.

• Cold refrigerated bottled water, sodas, Kombuchas, iced teas.

• Fresh squeezed juices.

• Assorted smoothies.

Fermented Products, Not Homemade

Not Homemade:

• Assorted pickles.

• Assorted Salsa.

• Assorted pickled vegetables

• Assorted Kimchee

• Assorted Sauerkrauts

• Tempeh

Assorted Condiments


• Flavored infused olive oils

• Spiced or candied nuts

• Marinated peppers, artichoke hearts, caponata, anchovies, capers, sundried tomatoes.

• Salsas.

Not Homemade:

• BBQ sauces, ketchups, mustards.

• Olives, olive oils, vinegars.

• Capers, anchovies, sirachas, harissa, horseradish.

• Jams and jellies

• Assorted grains

Canned Products and Non-Prepared Foods

• Tomato products such as tomato pastes, chopped tomatoes, whole peeled tomatoes.

• Assorted organic flours

• Assorted coffees and teas

• Assorted nuts.